I’m Rikard Drakenlordh, born in 1967, and I am currently studying for a PhD in history at Bath Spa University. The theme for my dissertation is British-Swedish Diplomatic Relations During the American Revolutionary War, 1773-83, which is a lot more interesting than it might sound at first. Getting to know the lives of historical character’s like George III, Lord Sandwich, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Gustav III  and Mary von Nolcken is actually a privilege, and it also comes with a great responsibility when writing about other peoples life. I am doing this part time/distance since I also have a full time job at the side in Sweden. My interestests revolves around 18 th Century diplomatic and maritime history, but I am also interested in the history of war, women’s history and black history. My posts will often highlight stories within these themes, but I will also post reports about my progress, participation at conferences, journeys and other interesting stuff.

I have also written a book about the Second World War, Andra Världskrigets Aktörer, published in Swedish in 2001 and 2003. It has also been translated into Danish and Finnish (if you prefer those languages instead of Swedish).

In December 2015 I had an article called Trade vs. Diplomacy: The Problem of the Free Port Marstrand During the American Revolution published in Sea History Magazine.

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